"Every art student must have this DVD. It is very well written, easy to understand, and professionally presented. This DVD completed my study and understanding of color theory. It is the only DVD needed to be able to paint with exquisite light and life. Be sure to get her new book, Creating Exquisite Color! The color wheels she makes available are a priceless treasure."    -Ruth

"I love the way this artist uses color. Her techniques are a great learning tool. I would recommend this book to my artist friends." -Allen E. Weltz

"This dvd is great, has many many interesting ways to bring luminosity to your work whether it is watercolor or acrylic or pastels...you can use the same ideas for all the different types of mediums! Thankyou! "    -Rosita A. Artis

"This is one of the best DVDs I've seen on the subject. Julie Cohn explains everything clearly and takes each topic: luminosity, lustre and iridescence by not only describing them but actually painting and demonstrating what they are and how they can be achieved. The examples are great, the pictures excellent, the teaching first class and the purpose and mission statement of the DVD totally fulfilled. She clearly knows what she's talking about, can demonstrate it and is good at teaching it.

I wish all would-be art teachers were are clear, concise and good!"
-Mrs. N. Sanders

"Julie's instruction is easy to follow and her love of watercolors is very evident in her choice of words and expressions. Her measured and deliberate manner of presenting her "lessons" makes it easy for the eye to take in the images and the brain to wrap itself around her message. The experienced watercolorist as well as the absolute beginner can profit from viewing Julie's excellent presentation of three of the fundamentals of watercolor painting: Luminosity, Luster and Iridescence. We can hope to master these with Julie's help. Well done Julie." 

-Bill Pearce

"I have always admired that quality of a beautiful watercolor painting that seems to glow from within and have wonderful qualities of light and I just assumed that you had to have years of painting experience to achieve these results. Not so!! Julie's three demonstrations on this DVD teach you the techniques to create paintings with beautiful qualities of Luminosity, Luster and Iridescence, and the gentle, clear instructions and demonstrations all make it so easy to follow. You will be thrilled with the new direction that your paintings will take after following the lessons on Julie's latest wonderful DVD."  - Betsey C.

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot watching "The Dance of Watercolor: Luminosity, Luster, Iridescence"! It is an excellent follow-up to the first DVD that I purchased last Spring "The Dance of Watercolor". While Julie's first DVD was great for my young daughter and I to receive an introduction to the fundamentals of watercolor, this DVD is an outstanding set of lessons on how to improve your technique. I felt truly enlightened by her discussions and demonstration on how to achieve Luminosity, Luster, Iridescence with watercolors. For anyone interested in getting an insight on how the 'Masters' approach watercolor and lighting, I highly recommend this instructional DVD."   -Richard R. Jones II

 “This is an excellent DVD for beginners, highly recommend.”
-Eunice Ficara

"I had no art experience. I am having a blast with Julie's easy to follow instuctions. On the other hand my wife has taken several art classes. She is much more advanced,and has found Julie's instructions to be extremely beneficial. One of the major

benefits is that you can keep going back to a concept that would be hard to do in a typical class setting."     -Dennis Diestler

"A good video, especially as an introduction. I taught watercolor at Fullerton College for 19 semesters and even though this is aimed at beginners, I still enjoyed watching it multiple times.  Julie has some unique approaches that simplify the learning curve.
I wish I'd found it years ago. I also wish it had been longer, but what she has on here is worth the time and money."

-Marshall Vandruff

"Julie portrays a quirky, lively patience on screen. Though I am very very new to watercolor, I have read numerous books and websites about the subject, and this DVD is the first to give much time to doing a color study before you begin your painting, and I found that very useful. Good luck in your studies!"      -DP

"Great introduction to the very basics of watercolor painting. Clear, well explained step by step segments. Her method of controlling the amount of water on brush and paper was a big help to me."  -Judy Paris

“Julie is a delight. Her explanations and demonstrations are concise and easy to follow.  Julie's method of getting the correct paint consistency is essential. I highly recommend this DVD for beginners and those of us who are a little beyond beginning.”
-Ronile Valenza

“Organization is one of this DVD’s best features. Julie Cohn has lots of easy to understand techniques. She explains why you do something, as well as how to do it. You can refer back to a painting technique without searching through the whole DVD.

There are sections on: shortcuts; how to find a good brush; drawing tips; and the all important question of how much water vs how much paint.  Julie has easy to remember names for all the varying degrees of water and paint and when to use them. There are lots of quick reference guides about color and painting techniques that I found really help- ful.  Julie's original music adds just the right touch! I enjoyed the slide show with the music and used it as a screen saver. A great value for aspiring watercolorists.“
-Dorrie Newton

“I am teaching myself watercolor painting from books, and this is the first demonstration I have looked at.  Books can teach you a lot but when it comes to the proportion of water and paint, it's any beginner's dilemma, I believe. The mixing of water and paint is well demonstrated on this DVD. I improved in this area immediately. It was a great help! And like others have said, you can look at it time and time again, which is a bonus.“
-C. Martin

“I've been trying to learn the basics of watercolor from books and DVDs with little success until now. Julie’s explanations and demonstrations are very detailed and have given me a base to work from and build on. I've learned so much about watercolor from this DVD and I'm having so much fun playing with the techniques and concepts presented in the DVD.”
-Susan C.

The Dance of Watercolor:

Luminosity, Luster, Iridescence

The Dance of Watercolor: Beginners and Beyond

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