Wendy's Comments About Her Portrait
"My daughter and husband just came back from two weeks in France and I cannot help but reflect on the painting trip I spent in Limoux with you. When my sister-in-law, Betsey, sent me a text with a photo of the painting you did in her class I was taken back to France in a moment. You not only brought me back to France, but to the quiet feeling of sitting at a café. I have always tried to explain to my family that paintings are alive in a way that some photographs aren't. A photograph can catch every detail accurately, but when a painting captures a feeling it is magical. It isn’t every detail that builds the story, just the important ones. I think you did that. When my kids saw the photo of the painting they immediately said 'Mom, that is how you look when you are thinking.' Your painting is alive and I have to say you have captured a me that the people who know me best see. My daughter finally understood what I meant about a painting being alive and after going to the Louvre and D’Orsay she 'sees it'. "  - Wendy

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