Aix en Provence, France

Paul Cezanne's Fathers' Home, France

Florence, Italy

Avalon, New Jersey

Over the last 6 years I have

given watercolor workshops

in France. In the following

paragraphs  learn  how  I

organize  these  workshops

and about  what  kinds  of

activities   we've  enjoyed.  I

will let  you  know  when  I

plan another trip. Here are

some  travel  sketches from

France, Italy, Avalon  New

Jersey and Ross, CA.

Le Mozart - Cozy Accommodations

in the Provencal Style

Enjoy your stay in this charming

Inn  with easy  walking  access  to

the heart of Aix.

displays the rooms.  Phil is a highly

experienced, good-humored tour

guide and will  be the  director of

the workshop.  He  will accompany

you on all painting excursions and

share his in-depth knowledge of

French culture. He will help you to

feel at ease, answering questions

you have regarding the logistics of

the trip.

I'm a realpeople person.’ With

over 25 years of watercolor teach-

ing experience, I combine humor

and compassion while helping

you to discover and develop your

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Travels and Travel Sketches

One  Enchanting Week

   in Aix-en-Provence,
held in Southern  France  

A Watercolor Painting


Watercolorist, Julie Cohn

& Tour Guide, Phil Levine

What Traveling Students Have to Say

“Dear Julie – I am so happy that I learned to be comfortable with painting overall. I am more adept at creating the color that I want, and creating different watery’ effects with both ‘wet on wet’ and ‘wet on dry’ techniques. You taught me the value of using a square edged brush for blunting the edges, removing color, creating ‘block effects’ in paintings (as for roof tiles, bricks, etc.) I even learned how to remove color nearly entirely to ‘save’ a painting!”        
Marilyn Arnett - France

“Your workshops are always excellent Phil. I love the way you arrange to paint in different places so we can enjoy the
countryside, whilst keeping a home base. This was my third workshop with you and I hope to come again.”   

Roxana – British Colombia

Early Registration Special:
Pay your $300 deposit on or before
a particular date and save $100.00!

An additional fee of up to $100.00

maybe added close to the week

of the trip if the dollar deflates as

compared to the Euro.

We recommend that everyone join a group package for travel insurance.We recommend that everyone join a group package for travel insurance.

Fees Include:

*Eight nights of lodging
*All breakfasts
*Four dinners (wine and small
  gratuity not included)  
*Seven days of painting instruction
*Guided Tours
*Visits to charming villages, on the        
  coast and other places where Paul
  Cezanne painted, including his studio.
*Walking access to farmers markets,   
  restaurants and boutiques

Supplies / Packing

I will help you to feel  comfort-

able with  your supplies  and

give  suggestions  for  how to

pack very light  for  all  of our

excursions.  You will receive a

supply list a couple of months

before the trip begins.


watercolor painting and travel

sketching skills.

I will also share my knowledge

of Paul Cezanne’s life, his painting,

and his contemporaries, who

ushered in the Impressionist and

Post Impressionist movements.

Fee for the last trip we took:

Double occupancy for painters is

$1950.00. A  non-painter’s fee is

$950.00 when rooming with a

painter. Single occupancy for each

painter is $2950.00.

A Typical Day in Aix and

Surrounding Villages

Every day our group will start with a delicious

breakfast and travel together to a different site,

painting the mesmerizing landscape and  lovely

villages. We will paint from 4 to 6 hours each day,

walk through historic sites, see charming towns,

and dine in Aix. All participants may join all the excursions, or, based on Phil’s recommendations,

can travel to other sites. Phil will gladly help non-

painters develop their own itinerary, such as

biking, playing golf and making travel plans to

places in Aix or nearby villages. Julie will take up

to 15 painters for thepainting part of the work-

shop, so she can give plenty of attention to each

painter. We invite up to a total of  25 people to participate.


        “We must not be content to memorize the
            beautiful formulas of our illustrious
           predecessors. Let us go out and study
               beautiful nature.  -Paul Cezanne       


Gordes, France

Vorno, Italy

Ross, California

Vorno, Italy