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The Dance of Watercolor, Luminosity,  Luster, Iridescence

 is ideal for those who have some experience with watercolor

and other painting mediums. Develop a freer, looser style and deepen your understanding of how to create beautiful lighting effects as you paint a luminous tropical fish, a lustrous

imaginative landscape and a shimmering venetian glass bowl.

The Dance of Watercolor, Beginners and Beyond  is ideally suited for Beginners. Learn watercolor, drawing and color basics. This DVD contains the equivalent of 7 private lessons. Watercolor is a very forgiving medium. Follow Julie's step-by-step method to control paint and water on the brush, palette and paper as you paint a colorful landscape.

    The Dance of Watercolor: Luminosity, Luster Iridescence

The Dance of Watercolor: Beginners and Beyond

The Dance of Watercolor DVDs