Paint, Combine and Choose Color with Confidence

Table of Contents inside the Color Guide

Chapter 1: 

Important Words and Definitions to Know (learn about tints, shades, tone, hue, etc.)
Chapter 2: 

Warm and Cool Colors and Split Primaries (use two shades of each primary color)
Chapter 3: 

Making Good Use of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors (make bright colors)
Chapter 4: 

Semi-Neutrals / Wands of the Comprehensive Color Wheel (make subdued colors)
Chapter 5: 

Neutrals / Center of the Comprehensive Color Wheel (make grays, bieges, near-blacks)
Chapter 6: 

Commonly Used Color Schemes (learn how to select beautiful color combinations)
Chapter 7:

  Simultaneous Contrast (two colors simultaneously affecting each other show unique contrasts)
Chapter 8:

  Practice Your Color Knowledge (fill in cartoon drawings as you practice color combinations)
Chapter 9:

  Luminosity, Luster, and Iridescence (learn properties of and how to paint natural lighting)

Use: Paint, pastels, markers, colored pencils, computer software and more!

Create: Exciting color combina-

tions for your paintings, crafts, wardrobe, home and the many creative endeavors you enjoy.

Beginners: Play with color to

learn color basics.

As you refer to the color

guide and color wheels:

Learn the essentials of color

theory. Create the colors you

want to make. Develop simple, striking color combinations.

Make color glow, shine and shimmer!

Beyond: Expand your aware-

ness of color and light.

Easy Steps to Great Color  has changed my life! After absorbing Julie's very easy teachings in her book and on her color wheels, I can now put colors together with good results.  Thank you,  Julie - Phyllis